Unattractive but…

I have a sweet tooth, which I think looking back in the archives of my blogs is fairly obvious. However, I am trying to improve my eating habits and find health(ier) options. And with temperatures dropping rapidly into the zero region something warm would be welcome. Hence this desert-in-a-mug.

It consists of frozen red berries (the red bleeding through), chopped up bananas and low-fat custard. Really easy to make: just defrost the fruit until hot (it will look sort of jam-like), add the chopped banana, mix and top with a dollop of custard and heat until hot. No added sugar, natural ingredients, one of your 5-a-day, ready in under 5 mins, only a mug and a microwave needed so no mess (I would recommend putting a little microwavable clingfilm over the mug to prevent overflow) and a warm treat, what more could you ask for!

I personally like the slight tartness of the red berries with the creaminess of the custard. You could of course use any combination of fruit: it’s sort of like a crumble without the topping. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Unattractive but…

    1. I am very impressed by the many food blogs online, some with absolutely gorgeous photos. I’m afraid on this occasion I have chosen to show the everyday version but I’m sure it would look a lot nicer in a glass, layered with the cooked banana at the bottom, hot red fruit in the middle and warm custard on top… maybe with a dash of cinnamon on top. It tastes lovely either way. 😉

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