Earring – refraction

I was looking for something that would reflect the candlelight…


8 thoughts on “Earring – refraction

  1. I like the last one the best- I love the blue and the sharp detail of the earring.

    Thanks for reading my blog today – headed to Europe myself this summer and very excited about photographing some beautiful new things.

      1. Hi Ella! 2 days in Paris (one of which we discovered is Bastille Day- jet lag and fireworks, a wild combo I’m sure!). Then a week in the south (Nice, Avignon, Monaco etc). Now we’re trying to find some place in Italy that is accessible by train from Nice that we can spend 3 days or so before training back to Paris and home. Wish we had enough time to see Germany, but it;s going to be too far buy train for our 2 week timeframe. We will have to go back. 🙂

      2. You should go to Bordeaux and South West France instead, pity its not easy to get to from the South East. But places like Genoa or Pisa are not far over the border. Sounds like a lovely little jaunt. 🙂

  2. We have been looking for an overnight train, no luck. That would really be the only way we could make it. Would REALLY like to go to wine country and specifically Bordeaux, but just finding it hard to manage transportation and time-wise.

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