St. Jacques de Compostelle


Through the centuries, a lot of people have passed through South West France as pilgrims on St. James’ Way. The scallop shell is an instantly recognisable symbol of the pilgrimage and, as such, it pops up throughout the region on churches and monuments, but also more mundane items, such as this round Compostelle loaf which we came across in the boulangerie artisanale of Sorges.

Click to find out more about the chemin the Compostelle.


8 thoughts on “St. Jacques de Compostelle

      1. Hi! That coloour would be from the indoor lights. In-camera you do it by changing the white balance to something like incandescent, or fluorescent depending on the situation. I think you use a Nikon DSLR and I am not familiar with their terminology or set up, but they will have a setting you can change, even on most point and shoots (thought that might be in scene mode or similar, choosing indoors or some similar setting).

        In post it depends on the software you use, and on whether you are shooting jpegs or raw files. Many of the programs have a white balance adjustment you can make – sometimes with an eye dropper where you choose something that is supposed to be white and it adjusts the picture for you. That is the way it works in Picasa for instance (which is free and what I used for a year or more). In Lightroom which I now use, and which is a great program, and if you shoot raw which I have taken to doing, then you can change the whitebalance to one of the settings equivalent to those on the camera. Often that is enough, but if not, then you slide a couple of colour bars around until it looks right. If shooting jpegs then the sliders are usually the best option.

      2. That makes sense. I guess it would work better on Auto, I have been trying to experiment with manual but it gets tricky to make the adjustments every time you change setting or the lighting changes, which can happen very frequently.

      3. I set my white balance to Auto for most things but it does not always work. Since I shoot in raw I can change it to whatever I like afterwards. You seem to be sensitised to it now, and that is the first step to remembering to change it, or to take the picture and check how it looks and if needed to change settings and take another shot.

      4. Yes I think still some work to be done but I am keeping an eye on results so I can adjust… still end up with some shots I post for content rather than technique but hopefully improving 🙂

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